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Box Office of the Teatro Regio di Parma
Via Garibaldi, 16/A 43121 Parma
Tel. (+39) 0521 203999

Orari di apertura

From Tuesday to Saturday

11am – 1pm │ 5pm – 7pm

Closed on Mondays, Sundays and Public Holidays.
In case of a show on closing days, one hour before the show.


Cancellation and refund – RegioYoung 2019-2020 shows

Teatro Regio di Parma informs that the following shows for the RegioYoung 2019/2020 season, recently re-scheduled due to Covid-19 pandemic, have now been officially cancelled:

Il Guardiano e il Buffone – ossia Rigoletto (che piange e ride)
Originally scheduled for March 6 and 7 2020 and re-scheduled for October 18 and 19 2020;

Rigoletto – I misteri del Teatro
Originally scheduled for April 5 and 6 2020 and re-scheduled for November 8 and 9 2020;

Si gioca e si cresce – ovvero Storia di Gilda e Rigoletto
Originally scheduled for May 16 2020 and  re-scheduled for November 7 2020.

The deadline for the refunds is due on Saturday, October 31 2020. Please send an email at biglietteria@teatroregioparma.it in case of online purchase or by showing the original ticket to the Box Office of Teatro Regio di Parma (Strada Giuseppe Garibaldi, 16/A 43121 Parma, tel. +39 0521 203999) during the usual opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday, at 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm


Waiver to use the voucher

Do you have a voucher from the Teatro Regio di Parma?
By renouncing the use of the voucher, you could enjoy a 65% tax credit thanks to Art Bonus.
Find out how by writing to amministrazione@teatroregioparma.it until 1 December 2020

Parma, 24 August 2020


Public activities rescheduling – May 23, 2020

The Teatro Regio di Parma will remain closed till June 14 2020, in compliance with the latest regulations, which extends all restrictions that prove necessary in order to contain the spread of the Covid-19 infection, including the suspension of live performances and shows scheduled till May 30 2020, as communicated in the last weeks.

Rescheduling of shows on the next Season proceeds relentlessly (please check the list of shows that have already been rescheduled). As for shows that are still to be rescheduled and for those that have been cancelled, regulations admit the possibility to ask for a refund in form of a voucher of the amount of the cost to be used within one year from its issue (Art. 88, Decree Law of 17.03.2020, n. 18 “Rimborso dei contratti di soggiorno e risoluzione dei contratti di acquisto di biglietti per spettacoli, musei e altri luoghi della cultura”).

Due to the coming into force of the Prime Minister’s Decree of May 17, 2020 and to the above mentioned Decree Law and further amendments, the Teatro Regio di Parma informs that the deadline for requesting refund vouchers, according to the procedures explained in detail below, has been extended to June 16, 2020.

Subscribers to the Opera, Concert and ParmaDanza seasons, as well as all spectators holding ticket for shows originally scheduled between February 24  and May 30, 2020 can thus submit their requests by June 16 2020.

For subscribers, refunds will be issued in the form of vouchers of the amount of lost instalments (the part of subscription that hasn’t been enjoyed), for single tickets holders, through a voucher of the value of the ticket.

Please note that tickets for shows that haven’t been actually rescheduled, on a precise date, are no longer valid.

Subscribers to ParmaDanza, only, will be able to use their subscription to enter the show Ezralov Dance – Open, originally scheduled for April 2 and rescheduled on December 2, 2020 (as an alternative to asking for a ticket refund).

The current tax legislation requires that subscriptions and tickets be kept till the conclusion of the refund operation, once the voucher is received.

Exception made for reprogrammed shows, once the deadline for the submission of refund requests has expired, no subscription, nor ticket will be any longer valid. Failure to request a refund voucher by the deadline will automatically lead to the participation in the #iorinuncioalrimborso campaign.

All Opera, Concert, ParmaDanza 2020 subscribers are entitled to participate to the Season 2021 pre-emption sales programme, whose methods will be disclosed officially during in the next months, in compliance with any new regulation and to all the restrictions imposed by the authorities in matter of public gathering.

In these troubling times for all of us, and for the Teatro Regio di Parma, we hope that subscribers and spectators will stay in touch and support us by joining the #iorinuncioalrimborso campaign, which has already involved other musical institutions in the world, by giving up the ticket refund of shows that have been suspended or cancelled. In this case, they will not have to do anything: a the end of deadline for requesting a refund, the value of their tickets or of their Season subscriptions instalments will be donated to the Teatro Regio di Parma. These are important and concrete acts of generosity, social commitment and solidarity aimed at supporting, in such a moment of difficulty, the survival of live Theater and Music. The Teatro Regio di Parma will not forget them and will be happy to publicly testify its gratitude towards all the subscribers and the spectators that have been involved.

For any information, the Teatro Regio Box Office, which is currently closed to the public and accessible only by email at the address biglietteria@teatroregioparma.it remains available. The Teatro Regio di Parma expresses its gratitude towards all the spectators, for the solidarity and affection that they have been expressing during these weeks, as well as to all those who’ve demonstrated to the Theatre their closeness and generosity.



(for which both tickets and subscriptions are valid, limitedly to the rescheduled dates, and except in case of ticket or subscription refund)


  • Ezralov Dance – Open (April 2) is rescheduled on December, 2 2020


  • Il Guardiano e il Buffone ossia Rigoletto che ride e piange (March 6, 7) is rescheduled on October 18, 19 2020
  • Rigoletto I Misteri del Teatro (April 5, 6 ) is rescheduled on November 8,9 2020
  • Si gioca e si cresce ovvero storia di Gilda e Rigoletto (May 16) is rescheduled on November 7, 2020


(for which, once refund deadlines are expired, nor ticket nor subscriptions will be valid).


  • Pelléas et Mélisande (originally scheduled on March 14, 20, 22 , 2020)
  • Rise and fall of the City of Mahagonny (originally scheduled on May 8, 10, 15, 2020)
  • Rigoletto Scene dall’opera (originally scheduled on March, 27, 28, 29 2020 and April 3, 4, 5, 2020)


  • Il tempo dell’Europa (originally scheduled on April, 9 2020)
  • Alexander Lonquich (originally scheduled on April 19 2020)
  • Martina Filjak e I solisti di Zagabria (originally scheduled March 1 2020 and already rescheduled on May 12 2020)
  • Manuel Barrueco (originally scheduled on May 24 2020)


  • Nuovo balletto di Toscana – Quartetto per la fine del tempo (originally scheduled on March 28, 29 2020)


  • La bella addormentata nel bosco (originally scheduled on May 29, 30 2020)



(for which, once refund deadlines are expired, no ticket nor subscriptions will be considered valid).


  • Rasputin, starring Sergei Polunin (May 22, 2020)


  • Imparolopera Turandot (March 16, 2020)
  • Fiabe a sorpresa (March 21, April 18, May 23 2020)
  • Opera meno 9 (May 7, 2020)
  • Una notte all’Opera (May 29, 2020)



Refund requests must be sent by June 16, 2020 (except in case of any extensions, to be allowed by the next governmental measures) by sending an email to biglietteria@teatroregioparma.it, with the attached ticket (a scan or photograph of the ticket taken with a smartphone). Spectators are reminded to keep their ticket or season ticket, that must be delivered or sent to the Theatre ticket office as soon as it reopens, with the exception of the ticket or print@home season tickets, in order to receive a refund required in the form of a voucher.

Upon receipt of the refund request, through the procedures described above, all vouchers which must be used within one year of their issuance and will be valid for all the shows organized by the Foundation itself.

It must be noted that:

1) The ticket or subscription currently in possession (except for rescheduled shows) will no longer be valid after the deadline for requesting a refund by voucher has expired;

2) Once a voucher is requested and received, it must always be switched, within one year of its issue, into a season ticket or ticket for a show organized by the Teatro Regio di Parma (the voucher alone does not allow access to any of the shows).

3) All spectators are invited to keep their entrance ticket until the voucher is delivered, to complete the refund procedure, in compliance with the current tax legislation.

4) The reopening date of the Teatro Regio is not yet known. Upon reopening, a communication will be sent to all spectators in order to allow them deliver the original tickets (to be sent by email or mail service) and the consequent withdrawal of the voucher (which can also be sent to the spectator by email only once received the original pass or ticket).



Prices and Sales Dates

SEASON 2019-2020

The Season 2020 is suspended.

FESTIVAL VERDI 2020 “Scintille d’Opera”


How to pay

Payment at the Teatro Regio box office di Parma may be made in cash in euro, by non-transferable bank draft made out to “Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma”, by debit card, or the following credit cards: Visa, Cartasì, Diners, Mastercard, American Express.
Online purchases doesn’t incur any service charge.
We accept requests for reservations for organized groups by e-mail. Seats will be assigned according to availability at the time of purchase. Tickets for standing room in the upper circle at Teatro Regio will be available for sale (for a maximum of two per person), once all the seats have been sold, an hour and a half before the start of individual performances. Tickets for standing room in the upper circle will be not available for sale at Teatro Giuseppe Verdi di Busseto.


Terms and conditions of online sale

Ticket puchases are possible through:
– Ticket Office
– Online Ticket Office
The purchase of tickets online is only permitted with a credit card enabled with a 3D secure code. The KeyClient payment system ensures online purchases are simple and guaranteed in terms of security and privacy.

How to collect your ticket
Tickets purchased online can be collected presenting the purchase receipt at the Teatro Regio di Parma Ticket Office or directly from the event location up to 60 minutes prior to the start of the show.

Cancellation of purchase
The cancellation of tickets purchased online is not permitted, as per the legislation established in relation to electronic commerce and distance contracts (directive CEE 97/7 of Legislative Directive 14 maggio 1999) that does not provide any reimbursement of neither the nominal price nor any possible added commissions.
The reimbursement of the ticket price only, excluding presale and additional commissions, is only possible in the event that the Organiser decides to cancel or postpone the event.

Right to cancel
The right of cancellation does not apply to the purchase of tickets online, as established by the Decree of 22 May 1999, n. 185 “Implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts”.

Promotions and Specials
For tickets purchased online with some promotions and discounts, relevant documentation will be required upon collection.

Payment notes
Seats booked online with a credit card will lose their reserved status if payment is not finalised within 20 minutes. Online payments can only be made using credit cards enabled with a 3D secure code.



How can I purchase tickets?
To purchase tickets you need to click on “Acquista” and follow the instructions.

Can I choose the exact seats I wish to purchase?
Certainly. It is possible to choose your desired seat in image or text mode. In image mode: click on the square which represents your desired seat on the map of the theatre. In text mode: choose the category, sector, row, and seat desired from the list. If your seat is not numbered, you will need to enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase and follow the instructions.

How can I make a payment?
Online payments can only be made using a credit card enabled with a 3D secure code.

What is an Internet Transaction Code and what is it for?
The transaction code is a way of identifying an online purchase, and will be assigned by the system as soon as the payment has been made and the ticket generated. It unequivocally identifies the purchase and is required to bring up the transaction and to reprint the purchase receipt. Given its importance we recommend you write down the code even before confirming the purchase so you can find the internet transaction in case you have any difficulties.

How can I collect the ticket?
Tickets purchased online can be collected presenting the purchase receipt that you can find at Teatro Regio di Parma Ticket Office or directly from the location of the event up to 90 minutes before the start of the show.

How many tickets can be purchased in one transaction?
The maximum number of seats that can be purchased varies from show to show and is shown the Choose Your Seat page, in both image and text mode.


General Information and Warnings

The following General Information and Warnings are to be considered relevant to the Teatro Regio di Parma, and other performance locations where the fiscal entity of the performance is the Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma. Tickets purchased cannot be refunded or replaced. The cancellation of ordinarily purchased tickets is not permitted, as established by the law pertaining to Electronic and Distance Commerce (Directive CEE97/7 of Legislative Decree 14 May 1999), which does not provide for the refund of the ticket’s nominal price, nor any possible additional commissions. The refund of the ticket’s nominal price, excluding pre-sale and additional commissions, is only permitted in circumstances where the Event Organiser decides to cancel or alter the date of performance. Seats booked online with credit card will be returned to sale should payment not be finalised within 20 minutes. For online payments, only cards fitted with a 3D Secure Code are accepted. The right of withdrawal does not apply to tickets purchased online, as established by Legislative Decree 22 May 1999, n. 185 “Attuazione della direttiva 97/7/CE relative alla protezione dei consumatori in materia di contratti a distanza”. (Implementation of Directive 97/7/CE on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts).

Audience members must remain in possession of their ticket, or season ticket card, and present it upon request to theatre staff, who may also ask for further documentation pertaining to discounts. For tickets purchased online under specific promotional terms, the relative documentation must be shown at the time of collection. In circumstances where the season ticket holder has forgotten his/her pass, new tickets can be purchased for €3.00 each.

As an exception, season ticket holders may request date changes at the Teatro Regio di Parma Box Office, upon presentation of the season ticket card. The request will be granted subject to availability, and at a cost of €3.00.
In the event of theft or loss; season ticket cards will not be replaced. Under such circumstances, to continue using your seat, the holder must present a self-certified declaration of the theft or loss to the Teatro Regio. Tickets are only valid for the date indicated and stated. Alterations are not permitted. On the day of performance at the Teatro Giuseppe Verdi di Busseto Box Office, audience members can only collect and/or purchase tickets for performances exclusively related to that date. At the Teatro Regio di Parma, Box seating prices are differentiated according to visibility (unless otherwise indicated). Audience members are asked to inquire and confirm visibility at the Box Office at the time of sale, regardless of the performance location. 2nd level pricing for Box seating reflects the limited view of the performance; 3rd level pricing for Box seating reflects the seat is listening only.

At the Teatro Giuseppe Verdi di Busseto, seating within the Boxes is not numbered. Once the performance has started, access to the theatre is not permitted until the first interval.

In the Church of San Francesco del Prato the places of the second sector do not allow full visibility of the stage.

The season ticket campaign for the XX Verdi Festival originally announced last February is to be considered canceled.

The new program of appointments of the XX Verdi Festival “Scintille d’Opera” will be announced on Monday 8 June 2020.

The reimbursement procedures for those who have subscribed to the originally announced XX Festival Verdi season ticket will be indicated with a dedicated communication in the coming days.

Teatro Regio di Parma is wheelchair accessible. A straight and flat pathway leads you from the entrance of the theatre to your seat, in row P, where spaces have been designed for two wheelchairs and two carers. An elevator can be used to access the Gallery, where spaces have been designed for two wheelchairs and two carers in the first row. To use these places, requests must be made in advance through the Theatre Box Office. It is forbidden to smoke on Theatre premises. This ban includes the use of electronic cigarettes. Cameras, audio and video recording equipment cannot be used. Audience members are required to switch off mobile phones and watch alarms.

The cloakroom service is free. Audience members are invited to deposit coats, umbrellas, hats and  bags. On performance evenings, the bookshop and Grand Café Theatre are open inside the Teatro Regio di Parma.  At the end of the show, staff are available to contact Radiotaxi on your behalf. Tel: 0521 252562.

Teatro Regio di Parma ensures under Legislative Directive.196 / 03 the confidentiality of personal data and its exclusive use for communications regarding the activities of the theatre itself. At Teatro Regio di Parma, permitted television crews and photographers are allowed to make audio / video recordings and take photographs before, during and after the show. Images collected may be disseminated through the press, internet or television stations (informative article 13 of Law 196/03 single text on privacy for the public).

Teatro Regio di Parma reserves the right to move allocated seats for technical reasons. Teatro Regio di Parma also reserves the right to make any changes to the program that it deems necessary. Tickets purchased online can be collected presenting the purchase receipt at the Teatro Regio di Parma Box Office or directly from the event location, 90 minutes prior to the start of the performance.


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Season and Festival Verdi are realised thanks to contributions from: